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Today is cup game day!

Our tough away week continues after Saturday’s tight away loss to KuPS. Now we face KuPS again at the same place.

The last game left quite a lotto think about and we are ready to show that we will take the win this time. We played quite good at the first 60 minutes and led the game 2-0. But then the same thing happened as against Honka that we were less attentive for a few minutes and KuPS succeeded to score twice within 2 minutes and thet also took over the main control of the match.

At the end we were really close to tie the game but didn’t get it this time.

Also, the sad part of the game was that we did score a goal at the beginning of the game that the referees didn’t see even though the KuPS players said the ball was in. But we will take more energy to today’s game and to upcoming games.

Today’s cup game will be tight and also interesting to see how much only two rest days will affect the intensity of the game. KuPS has a small advantage because they have been able to stay at home and rest more while we have travelled. But I still believe that we are ready to raise our level.

To take the place in this second round against KuPS we have to be smart and also disciplined in our way of playing throughout the hole 90+ minutes game.

KuPS will broadcast the game at the KupsTV.

The match will be played on July 2 at Kuopio Väre Arena and starts at 19:00.

Welcome to support us again!

Heja Åland!



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