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Before the match against HJK

Before the match HJK - Åland United

In the last game we succeeded to reach our goals. Which was to control the game by ball, create enough scoring changes and to keep the opponents away from dangerous places. We need to be more effective in the opponent's box though.

This week we have prepared for the upcoming match with a smaller squad. Due to four ÅU-players representing their countries internationally. 

This upcoming match will be different than the previous ones. HJK has won all the games this season and is pre favorite. Everything but a win is basically a big disappoint for them. We will focus on playing our own game with small adjustments. The injury situation is quite good but there might be some absence from the line up due to sickness. Friday evening we know if everyone is ok for the game. 

I am expecting a hard and intensive game and that both teams have to be at their best to get points.

Welcome to support us at Bolt Arena 18.00 June 8!

Heja Åland!

Picture: Sascha Zachhuber |



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