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Shark is among the best manufacturers, not to mention the pioneer, in the vacuum cleaner industry. Shark guarantees users high-quality products in all aspects. The Japanese brand cares about every little detail to make sure their vacuum cleaners are as near to perfect as possible. Hence, all vacuum models from Shark come with sophisticated looks and many different impressive details.

In this article, we will compare the two best rated upright vacuums from the Shark brand: Shark NV360 vs Shark Navigator Professional NV70.

Shark NV360 and Shark NV70 Overview

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV360

The Shark Navigator Lift-away NV360 has been the top rated upright vacuum cleaner in many vacuum cleaner reviews. This advanced device helps you clean the house quickly and effortlessly. With many outstanding features and innovative technology, the blue shark vacuum can possibly be your best vacuum cleaner of all time.

Features: Lightweight, Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology, HEPA filter, Swivel steering, On/Off brush rolls.

Shark Navigator Professional Upright Vacuum NV70

The Shark Navigator Professional NV70 is another powerful upright vacuum cleaner from Sharkninja. This model is made ideally for pet hair while ensuring your home is clean and allergen-free. The device with a sleek look and great accessories will keep your hair free from all dirt and debris, even with the most stubborn pet hair.

Features: Lightweight, Pet upholstery tool, Smooth swivel steering, Floor selector, large dust cup with 2.9-quart capacity.

Shark NV370 vs Shark NV360 Comparison


Upright Design

Both Shark NV360 and Shark NV70 models come as upright designs. Hence, these two products are quite familiar with the key features of an upright vacuum cleaner. Both of them have a canister, 25-feet power cord for cleaning up fairly big areas.

Filtration System

Another common feature between the two models Shark NV70 and Shark NV360 is their filtration system, which includes multiple layers of filtration and especially a HEPA filter. This filtration system helps both the devices capture and trap fine dust and allergies, ensuring the cleanest and purest air in your home. Thus, both of the two upright vacuums are ideally made for people with allergies.

Swivel steering

The two models feature a swivel steering, which you can easily control and maneuver around the house, making it perfect to clean areas full of furniture and obstacles.

Key Differences

Dust cup capacity

The Shark NV70 wins in this category with its Mega 3X dust cup capacity, which is three times bigger than any other Shark Navigator vacuum cleaners. Compared to the 2.9 dry quart NV70, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 has a dust cup with a capacity of 1.2 dry quarts.

Overall design

The only difference between the two devices in terms of their look is the color. If the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 comes in light blue design, the Shark NV70 Navigator Professional features a gold-colored body.

However, there is another difference also reflected in their designs. While Shark Navigator Lift-away NV360 has a detached canister for its Lift-Away feature for above-head cleaning, the Shark NV70 only comes with extended wand and hose for cleaning above-floor areas without any detached parts.


Both Shark NV70 and Shark NV360 receive many positive user reviews and come with great features. If Shark NV360 offers a more versatile device with different function modes, the Shark NV70 brings users many different accessories.


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