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Before the Cup game against FC Lahti

Picture: Sascha Zachhuber |

This year our cup starts at third round at away agains first division team FC Lahti.Preparation for match is little different because we have now 3 games at 9 days so we have to think lots about players load. Teams healt situation is going better but still at early week few player are question that can they play at cup game.

At the game we want to control it with the ball and be active when we defend. We have check some of Lahti games what they have done this season but of course its always small question how they will play agains us that are they continue playing how they have or will they make some modifications at defending. Main point for the game is develop our own playing and of course win and go to next round.

Welcome to support us again in the away stands!

The match will be played at Lahti on May 9. and starts at 14:00.

Heja Åland! 



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